Cordova wheel selector crashes on ios


I’m trying to use this plugin with ionic and iOS (v10 and v11) and when I try to open the selector it crashes and closes the app.

I have already tried with UIKview engine and WBKView engine of ios and also on ios 10 and ios 11.

The selector is launched from a modal page

Is working this plugin currently on ios?

This is the code that opens the selector:{
      title: 'Title,
      items: this.jsonData,
      displayKey: 'description',
      defaultItems: this.getDefault(),
      positiveButtonText: 'accept',
      negativeButtonText: 'cancel'
      (result:any) => {
      err => console.log('Error: ' + JSON.stringify(err))

This is the crash log by crashlytics:

SelectorCordovaPlugin.m line 191
-[SelectorCordovaPlugin presentModalViewForView:]

-[__NSCFNumber rangeOfCharacterFromSet:]: unrecognized selector sent to instance 0xb000000000000003

[Fatal Exception: NSInvalidArgumentException
0  CoreFoundation                 0x18c6c6fe0 __exceptionPreprocess
1  libobjc.A.dylib                0x18b128538 objc_exception_throw
2  CoreFoundation                 0x18c6cdef4 __methodDescriptionForSelector
3  CoreFoundation                 0x18c6caf54 ___forwarding___
4  CoreFoundation                 0x18c5c6d4c _CF_forwarding_prep_0
5  UIKit                          0x192beda24 -[UILabel _contentInsetsFromFonts]
6  UIKit                          0x192e45f20 -[_UILabelLayer updateContentInsets]
7  UIKit                          0x192e45fe8 -[_UILabelLayer updateContentLayerSize]
8  UIKit                          0x192e46214 -[_UILabelLayer layoutSublayers]
9  QuartzCore                     0x18f9dade8 CA::Layer::layout_if_needed(CA::Transaction*)
10 UIKit                          0x19280a458 -[UIView(Hierarchy) layoutBelowIfNeeded]
11 UIKit                          0x192806964 +[UIView(Animation) performWithoutAnimation:]
12 UIKit                          0x192b3dedc -[UITableView _createPreparedCellForGlobalRow:withIndexPath:willDisplay:]
13 UIKit                          0x192b3dfa8 -[UITableView _createPreparedCellForGlobalRow:willDisplay:]
14 UIKit                          0x192b2b6ac -[UITableView _updateVisibleCellsNow:isRecursive:]
15 UIKit                          0x192924210 -[UITableView cellForRowAtIndexPath:]
16 UIKit                          0x192fa1670 -[UIPickerTableView selectRow:animated:notify:updateChecked:]
17 UIKit                          0x192a6855c __30-[UIPickerView layoutSubviews]_block_invoke
18 UIKit                          0x192806964 +[UIView(Animation) performWithoutAnimation:]
19 UIKit                          0x192a66bb8 -[UIPickerView layoutSubviews]
20 UIKit                          0x192a6967c -[UIPickerView selectedRowInComponent:]
21 UIKit                          0x192a65128 -[UIPickerView _updateSelectedRows]
22 UIKit                          0x192a651d8 -[UIPickerView didMoveToWindow]
23 UIKit                          0x1927f52b8 -[UIView(Internal) _didMoveFromWindow:toWindow:]
24 UIKit                          0x1927f506c -[UIView(Internal) _didMoveFromWindow:toWindow:]
25 UIKit                          0x1927f506c -[UIView(Internal) _didMoveFromWindow:toWindow:]
26 UIKit                          0x1927f4538 __45-[UIView(Hierarchy) _postMovedFromSuperview:]_block_invoke
27 UIKit                          0x1927f4394 -[UIView(Hierarchy) _postMovedFromSuperview:]
28 UIKit                          0x1928002ac -[UIView(Internal) _addSubview:positioned:relativeTo:]
29 UIKit                          0x1927ffbc8 -[UIView(Hierarchy) addSubview:]
30 AMPi                           0x1001a48a4 -[SelectorCordovaPlugin presentModalViewForView:] (SelectorCordovaPlugin.m:191)
31 AMPi                           0x1001a3244 -[SelectorCordovaPlugin showSelector:] (SelectorCordovaPlugin.m:64)
32 AMPi                           0x1001ba600 -[CDVCommandQueue execute:]
33 AMPi                           0x1001b9ef4 -[CDVCommandQueue executePending]
34 Foundation                     0x18d1bb50c __NSThreadPerformPerform
35 CoreFoundation                 0x18c67542c __CFRUNLOOP_IS_CALLING_OUT_TO_A_SOURCE0_PERFORM_FUNCTION__
36 CoreFoundation                 0x18c674d9c __CFRunLoopDoSources0
37 CoreFoundation                 0x18c6729a8 __CFRunLoopRun
38 CoreFoundation                 0x18c5a2da4 CFRunLoopRunSpecific
39 GraphicsServices               0x18e00d074 GSEventRunModal
40 UIKit                          0x19285dc9c UIApplicationMain
41 AMPi                           0x1000fe880 main (main.m:32)
42 libdyld.dylib                  0x18b5b159c start](url)