Cordova Typing error on Ionic serve

I’m working on a Woo Commerce Project made in Ionic. When I run the command

ionic serve

then typing error appears. I did try some solutions like reinstalling typings using commands

typings install dt~cordova --save --global
npm install -g typings

but no luck. If anyone can help me it will be appreciated. Thank you

What is a “typing error”?

It’s like, typeScript doesn’t understand the JS so typings will help in this case.

I know what typings are.

But the top right of your screenshot is the error you are referring to? You don’t mention the actual error in your text.

Do the files exist that the error says does not exist?

I shared the cordova-typing.d.ts screenshot according to it, I shows that keyboard.d.ts, Jquery.d.ts and cordova.d.ts is not there.
Can you tell me how can I get those files or fix those files ?