Cordova tries to add a plugin as a platform on ionic cordova platform add ios

Hey everyone! So I recently upgraded to cordova ios 5.1.1 and cordova 9.0.0 and I am having issues when I first run

ionic cordova platform add ios

My version of ionic cli is 6.9.2

Actually, when I try to add the platform I see the following:

which says that cordova is trying to add a plugin as a platform and it fails. However, when I run this exact same command it works.

The cordova-plugin-voippush is in a plugin tag at the end of my config.xml file:

<plugin name="cordova-plugin-voippush" spec="file:scripts/accuv_custom_cordova_plugins/cordova-plugin-voippush" />

Does anyone know what this glitch is and how I can fix this? Thanks!

The message saying the cordova-plugin-voippush is not a valid platform is an incorrect message. Seems like the issue has more to deal with the missing plugin even though it is clearly in node_modules