Cordova SQLite


I am having issues finding any real information for this on the web. It could just be a stroke of bad luck (and possibly some bad googling?).

I went to a few places as well as the ngCordova site and the one place that kept popping up is (blog tutorial). However before i called it a night after a long fight (around 2am on a work night…), I noticed on this stackoverflow post someone mentioning that you cannot run a sqLite database on desktop.

I have not tried running this on my device (just yet, probably will tonight). However I am baffled by this as I imagine debugging to be extremely inconvenient if you have to push to device every time, especially considering I’m at a early phase of development.

So i came here to check and hopefully get some input/feedback (suggestions are always welcome as well). Does $cordovaSQLite simply not work on a desktop(windows 7)? Or am I doing something wrong which leads to $cordovaSQLite.openDB(‘name’) giving me a Type Error inside of ngCordova saying that it is calling openDatabase on undefined.

PS: I have the database in a service, which gets initialized from the module().run() inside of the ionic platform ready function.