Cordova SMS Message Extraction

Hi Everyone,

Anyone tried using Cordova SMS Plugin? I just wanna ask if we can extract the message body using the Cordova SMS Plugin?

I manage to send and receive message. The message contains this data:

{"address":"+***********","body":"data: {"lat": 14.640284, "lon":121.078195}","date_sent":1450347136000,"date":1450347121206,"read":0,"seen":0,"status":0,"type":1,"service_center":"+***********"}

As you’ve noticed, i tried sending this data as a testing:

data: {"lat": 14.640284, "lon":121.078195}

And extract it as JSON format data. But I failed. It is not working. I get undefined values.

Please help! Thank you!


Still need your help :frowning:

Hello? Anyone? :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

The first thing that comes to mind is the message you are trying to send via SMS. Have you tried something less complex like Marry has a little lamb? As you are trying to send a JS object via ASCII channel you should probably escape it beforehand like this data: {"lat": 14.640284, "lon":121.078195}.

BTW would you be so nice and help me to wire up the SMS plugin? My attempts to use the plugin (to receive the SMS) ended in spectacular failure.

Hi @adyba,

I’m using this Plugin. Can you specify your problem so I can help you accordingly? :slight_smile:

Hope to hear from you. Sorry for the late response.

Well I’m sorry too its like chess match via “bottle in the ocean post service:wink:
I know multiple send my SMS plugins but I’m looking for programmatic way to receive a SMS I was suspicious that you have something on the opposite side that is receiving those coordinates.