Cordova SecureStorage out of maintenance

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Just to inform:
I’ve seen today, that the cordova-plugin-secure-storage, which Ionic-Native uses (Ionic 3 and Ionic 4) is no longer maintained since 7 days.

I would appreciate any information for either the plan of Ionic on this, or if there is an alternative (especially for ionic 3).

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:+1: Agreed. We just plan to use that for storing sensitive data, but now no longer maintained. Any alternative?

I’m currently working in a solution for this in a fork of cordova-plugin-secure-storage Please check this issue comment for more information:
Details for Ionic users included.

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any another alternative ?

Actually this is the new alternative, that plugin is now the default for Ionic Native so the problem should be fixed:

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Great work with stopping the plugin from crashing on Android 10 mibrito707!

Unfortunately, it appears that there is NO Ionic 3-4 wrapper for your fully-updated secure-storage-echo plugin.

The old Ionic 3 Native wrapper supports your plugin in it’s most basic form, but unfortunately we need to increase the lifetime of the generated keys for more than the default 24 hour period that you specified in the plugin.

Ionic’s new secure-storage-echo plugin allows an options object to be passed in to increase the lifespan, but it seems that this wrapper is exclusive to Ionic 5; leaving me very stuck.

As this is an Ionic wrapper issue, I expect this is out of your control, mibrito :frowning: