Cordova push: Handle event notifications clicked when application off

I’m doing an application which receive notification from GCM and APN. I used “$cordovaPush:notificationReceived” event to detect if got new notification. When the application on, this event can detect. But when I turn off the app and get notification, then I click to the notification, the app opend and nothing happen. I try to google also but I’m not sure other pp have same problem. Can you show me what is the best solution?
For more infomation, I define my “$cordovaPush:notificationReceived” event handler in $ionicPlatform.ready even. Should it be the problem. If yes, where is the best place to put this event?

@chuotcong_89 any luck? I am stuck at the same problem

is ready when the device is ready. What I did … every time my app opens it will first go to a default controller and will do some init stuff, like listen on device ready/ionc platform ready. Then fire an event to notify the app is ready after init. In my .run() I will listen on the event and then I add the $cordovaPush:notificationReceived to handle the request.