Cordova Plugin Media build failure on iOS

Hi! I’m trying to use the Cordova Media Plugin. After I add the plugin to my project, the iOS build fails with the following error:

The following build commands failed: CompileSwiftSources normal arm64 (in target ‘Capacitor’ from project ‘Pods’)
CompileC [local directories stripped]/ios/DerivedData/00008030-001614302E00802E/Build/Intermediates.noindex/ [local directories stripped]/ios/capacitor-cordova-ios-plugins/sources/CordovaPluginMedia/CDVSound.m normal arm64 objective-c (in target ‘CordovaPlugins’ from project ‘Pods’)

I’m using Ionic 6 with Angular and Capacitor, using the plugins below:


I already tried removing and re-adding the platform, without any help.

Does someone know how to solve this problem? If not, any alternative would be great. I need to play an HLS audio stream with native controls (play/pause + albumCover from the platform) and background playblack on both iOS and Android.