Cordova plugin into IONIC 4

I am trying to use below existing cordova plugin into my IONIC 4 application. it has installed successfully but i could not find the path to add reference and use it.


How can we use it which is not available in Ionic Native

Have you referred below ionic framework documentation ??

Hope this will helps you.

Thank you for the reply.

i know about Ionic Framework and developed the app using IONIC 1 as well 4 years ago.

Here i am trying to understand how can we use the Cordova plugin in IONIC 4

Please see below link which is for ionic 4.

Thank you for this.

I will try this.

but this plugin also developed by Ionic native. can’t we use custom cordova plugin which is not there in ionic native.

All the ionic Native plugin is working fine. but i am not able to use below plugin.


As you can see here:

the Plugin’s name is defined as intentPlugin:

<js-module src="www/intentPlugin.js" name="intentPlugin">
        <clobbers target="intentPlugin" />

Try the following:


declare var intentPlugin: any;

I think the declaration has to go after the imports, but before the class or like me: in a separate file ‘declaration.ts’.

Then try to use it, but you have to check your Spelling, because without wrapper your wrapper could not provide autocomplete functions.