Cordova Plugin for checking if developer mode is enabled or not


Want to integrate this cordova plugin in ionic framework : to see if the app is running in android’s Developer mode or not.

But can’t seem to make it work.

Issues noted:

1)The author hasnt mentioned any examples for integration with ionic/typescript based app.

2)Till now , I have written the following code:

declare var devoptions;

.then(() => {

devoptions.check((bool) => {
console.log("Successfully called : ", bool);
}, (err) => {

console.log('Failed :', err);



Developing on Ionic-Angular Framework.

It seems there is a problem in integration because I see error : devoptions is undefined

Why do you think you can access the Plugin via devoptions? In the Plugin’s Example you can see it is accessible over cordova.plugins.devoptionschecker

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I can assist you, would you like to discuss over a quick Skype call?

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Yeah this worked for me! I am new to ionic and using these plugins.
Thanks for pointing it out.

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Thanks @SethRogers23 :blush: . I was able to solve the issue.

No Problem. In general and for the future: You can see a Plugin’s Clobber (how it is available) in the Plugin’s plugin.xml here:

<clobbers target="cordova.plugins.devoptionschecker" />
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