Cordova plugin - download from git repo

When i install it local using “ionic cordova plugin add path/to/plugin”, it works. But when I create repo from it and download it later somewhere, makes some errors.

My question is how should i edit plugin.xml or other file to achieve this goal - plugin as repo (i can’t use github etc - unfortunately)

Why can’t you use github?

Here’s one I did a LONG time ago using github…

It’s commercial project in my work. That’s why I can’t use open source solution, just create the repo in our server and work on it.


You should be able to clone the project, for example:

git clone

And, then add the plugin to your project:

cordova plugin add --link ../cordova-plugin-abrakm-sdk

To remove the plugin from your project:

cordova plugin rm cordova-plugin-abrakm-sdk

To check your project’s plugins:

ionic cordova plugin ls



Tried it now and still it makes path like “file://path/to/plugin”. It won’t work on another computer. I need to have repo on server and download from there not local path. But just I don’t know what steps I should do :stuck_out_tongue:

What won’t work on another computer?

GitHub is on another computer and you can clone repositories from GitHub.

You can make changes in your local repo and then:

git push -u origin master

As I said earlier - I can’t use github …

Then don’t use GitHub use another server. ssh into that server and clone the repo onto that server.

Then on your workstation clone the repo from your server and your good to go :slight_smile:

Set up your plugin on GitHub in a private repo and allow access to only users that should have access.

Is this for using a third party building system like PhoneGap build or ionic pro?