Cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-device not working for Android 6.1

I am using this plugin in my application. its working for android 5.1 and below versions. but android 6.0 not working. i got error ionic.bundle.js:20306 TypeError: Cannot read property ‘deviceID’ of undefined
at Scope.$scope.feedbackform (controllers.js:1956)
at $parseFunctionCall (ionic.bundle.js:21044)
at callback (ionic.bundle.js:30134)
at Scope.$eval (ionic.bundle.js:23100)
at Scope.$apply (ionic.bundle.js:23199)
at HTMLFormElement. (ionic.bundle.js:30139)
at HTMLFormElement.dispatch (jquery.js:4435)
at HTMLFormElement.elemData.handle (jquery.js:4121)
at triggerMouseEvent (ionic.bundle.js:2863)
at tapClick (ionic.bundle.js:2852)

please help me guys