Cordova-onesignal | save the push notification data when the user dismissed the notification pop-up.

We are working on ionic 3 with Angular 4 and in our app we want to show the push notification data to the user,regardless whether the user tapped/dismissed the notification or the app is running in foreground/background or killed.Basically in our UI we want to show the push notification data in the notification tray.We don’t want to save the push notification data in our DB,we want to save the data in our app as soon as the user received it.Is this possible with One Signal???I have noticed that the OneSignal Ionic SDK documentation only specifies two events that you can listen to:
handleNotificationReceived and handleNotificationOpened.

However the OneSignal Web Push SDK has an event called “notificationDismiss” that you can listen to.

Is there a way I can listen to when the user dismisses a notification on the device (by swiping it away from the notification shade) while using the Ionic SDK?or Is there any alternate way to achieve this functionality??