Cordova music control No longer maintained BUT there is a forked

This Plugin ( Music Controls ) in ionic No longer maintained BUT there is a forked for it as Cordova Music Controls Plugin 2 by ghenry22

but @ionic-native/music-controls not worked with it. So How change ionic-native/music-controls to work with cordova-plugin-music-controls2 ?
or @ionic-native/music-controls will be updated by ionic team ?


You can’t update the Wrapper. You can create a PR and explain why you want to use the Fork (because it’s maintained) and the Ionic Team has to decide if they merge it. If you do so, you should create a new Wrapper and don’t update the existing one as this will be a Breaking Change for Users, using the old one.

Option 2 is to just use the Plugin without Wrapper.

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Thank you, where i create a PR for it ?

I would start reading here.

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