pauses when screen is locked or app's minimized

I use cordova media plugin and want my audio keep playing after either screen’s locked or app gets minimized on my ios device. I tried to specify playAudioWhenScreenIsLocked option but had no luck. Did I miss something?

You may want to check out this plugin

Which should keep the app running in the background

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Thanks for answering. It seems that cordova-plugin-background-mode doesn’t help to keep playing either.

Have you found a solution? I play it in background, but it is very glitchy and looks like something is killing the thread every 2 seconds.

Hi, have you been able to resolve this. I am having this issues in 2020

Works on IOS.


cordova-plugin-background-mode - Keep app running in background

In my config.xml

< plugin name=“cordova-plugin-background-mode” source=“npm” spec=“0.7.3” />

In my index.js

onDeviceReady: function() {