Cordova InAppBrowser iOS Issue: Loadstop not firing

Hi there! I’m having an issue running the ngCordova plugin on iOS. Th plugin works great for the android version of the application, however it refuses to work properly on iOS. the problem stems from the “loadstop” event that I need to capture for my application. On android it works fine, catching the event, however on iOS it won’t catch! I’m not sure what the issue is, I’m running Cordova 5.3.3 and Ionic 1.6.5. Here’s my code:

$rootScope.$on('$cordovaInAppBrowser:loadstop', function (e, event) {
        console.log('inappbrowser loaded', event);
        //exit if we were redirected to the elb url, this doesn't work with the test instance
        var regex =/* regex to determine if the url present is the url we want */
        var res = regex.test(event.url);
        alert('loaded: ' + event.url);
        alert('regex result: ' + res);
        if(res === true) {
      if(okta) {
        if (typeof window.localStorage.msRefreshToken === 'undefined') {
          document.addEventListener('deviceready', function () {
            $, '_blank', options);
          }, false);
        } else {

If I need to provide more detail to receive better help please let me know!

EDIT: also worth noting, when I emulate via the Iphone emulator on my computer and check the console logs, I find these errors:

module cordova/plugin_list already defined,, Line: 79
Error: Module cordova-plugin-inappbrowser.inappbrowser does not exist.,, Line: 1402

I’m currently experiencing something similar. Did you ever find out what the problem was?