Cordova Geolocation plugin and popup "confirmation" with url application name. How Solve?

Hi, @betoharres did you find solution for this issue?.

My solution, add in you APP.plist

$(PRODUCT_NAME) Using geocoder service
$(PRODUCT_NAME) Using geocoder service
${PRODUCT_NAME} requires locate you

I have still this ugly popup on my production app on iOS. I ahem created a mockup from a blank template and the geolocation plugin : the ugly popup does not show up. I have tried the removal of all plugins, and their folders, iOS platform rm and add, nothing change. I have suspected that this came from the “reset plugin due to page load” which is another difficult to cope with, but nothing better on this side, no real solution anywhere, looks like who solved those is by happy fortune than real problem fixing.

Did you find a solution?


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