Cordova-geofence-plugin not working

I’m working with Ionic2, Angular2 and Typescript in my project. When I install cordova-plugin-geofence ( Geofence is configured as follows:


platform.ready().then(() => {

  if (window.geofence === undefined) {
    console.log('Geofence Plugin not found');
    console.log('Geofence plugin found');
    const geofence = this.geofenceService.create({
      longitude: -8.404015,
      latitude:  43.339147,

  this.geofenceService.addOrUpdate(geofence).then(function () {
      console.log('Geofence successfully added');
  }, function (reason) {
      console.log('Adding geofence failed', reason);


window.geofence.onTransitionReceived = function (geofences) {
  geofences.forEach(function (geo) {
    console.log('Geofence transition detected', geo);

The service geofence.service.ts it was configured as tsubik’s ionic2 geofence example:

No errors appear on console in all geofence configuration process but method window.geofence.onTransitionReceived() not log anything when geofence transitions happen.

What’s wrong? Thanks!