Cordova Depreciations in XCode 7 - what to do?

I’m building my app update from a jQM version to Ionic and it’s ready for releases (finally).

I’ve released a small Ionic app already and it was really easy to do it with XCode (amazingly).

The new one has a successful build but there are loads of warnings about Depreciations and a few Value Conversion Issues.

I thought this might be my version of Cordova so I’ve updated, re-prepared for ios and tried again. I still get these warnings and Archive is greyed out so I’m guessing these are what is stopping me generate an .ipa.

Has anyone encountered this? Any fixes?

Afraid I haven’t encountered any warnings that prevented me from creating an archive.

Silly question but, as it’s caught me out before - have you selected ‘Generic iOS device’ (or an actual device) rather than the simulator in the drop down menu in xcode? If a simulator is selected the archive option will be greyed out.

I don’t have any issue archiving my project in xcode 7. What errors do you get?

OP @SubEffect mentions that he can successfully build the app, but has Xcode showing lots of warning @tomwasd @yurinondual.

I have the same thing since I updated to the newest cordova-ios, but don’t even know if this is a real problem or not. So very interested in any serious answers.

That was it.

It’s working now but I still get loads of depreciation errors. The archives .ipa works on my dev phones though.

The only thing now is the custom icon and splashscreen don’t show…

This post speaks about some deprecated APIs in the last cordova-ios release:

Deprecation means only that you should not use it any more, and that these APIs will be removed in the future. So you are fine, they add these warnings to make you aware that you should/could update your code for future compatibility.

I think most of these are used by Cordova itself? So an update to the main cordova files or something will probably get rid of most of them.

As I’ve stated in the OP - I’ve updated Cordova and it made no difference.

There will probably be future Cordova and Cordova plugin updates that don’t use these APIs any more. That’s why they are warnings and not errors. Nothing to do for you now than to ignore them.