Cordova Contact Plugin: abid doesn't work for whatsapp if sim card number is different from whatsapp number


Hi everyone,

I have a special case I need your help with. Please guide if you have any clue.

I’m using cordova-contact-plugin in my Ionic App. I save new contacts in to the address book using method which gives me ‘id’ of newly created contact. I use this ‘id’ as ‘abid’ in URL scheme for Whatsapp to open Whatsapp chat for that contact. This all works good if both (a) my Whatsapp account phone number, and (b) my sim card number are same. But if I have a different sim card number than the one I’m using in my Whatsapp account then method still save the new contact in address book and returns its ‘id’ but that ‘id’ doesn’t work as correct ‘abid’ for Whatsapp URL scheme.

Any help would be highly appreciated.