Cordova camera seems to be inflating image filesize?

I have created an Ionic app which works as a complementary service to a Drupal 8 web portal. Portal users can log into the app with their web credentials, and their user information is synced across devices.

One of these pieces of information is their profile picture. I have it set up so that the user can select an image from their device’s photo library to set as their profile picture on the app, and the app then converts the image to a blob and posts it to the web portal, which then updates it on the portal accordingly.

The code to execute this is as follows (adapted from

$scope.getPhoto = function() {
    getPic = function(type) {

        function picSuccess(imageURI) {
            window.resolveLocalFileSystemURL(imageURI, function(finalURI) {
            }, function(err) {
        }, picError, {quality: 10, targetWidth: 800, encodingType: 0, correctOrientation: true, destinationType:, saveToPhotoAlbum: false, sourceType: type});

    picError = function(e) { console.log(e);}
    var photo_popup = ${ 
        template: "Would you like to change your photo?",
        scope: $scope,
        title: "Photo",
        cssClass: "photo-popup",
        buttons: [
            {text: '<b>Choose from gallery</b>', onTap: function(e) { getPic(0); },
            {text: "Cancel"}

function savepic(finalURI) {
    var name = finalURI.substr(finalURI.lastIndexOf('/') + 1);
    var namePath = finalURI.substr(0, finalURI.lastIndexOf('/') + 1);
    var newPath = cordova.file.dataDirectory + name;
    $cordovaFile.copyFile(namePath, name, cordova.file.dataDirectory, name).then(function(info) {
        function addFormData() {
            d = $q.defer();
            var getFileBlob = function (url, cb) {
                var xhr = new XMLHttpRequest();
      "GET", url);
                xhr.responseType = "blob";
                xhr.addEventListener('load', function() {
            var blobToFile = function (blob, name) {
                blob.lastModifiedDate = new Date();
       = name;
                return blob;
            var getFileObject = function(filePathOrUrl, cb) {
                getFileBlob(filePathOrUrl, function (blob) {
                    cb(blobToFile(blob, 'output.jpg'));
            getFileObject(newPath, function (fileObject) {
                var dat = new FormData();
                dat.append('file', fileObject);
                dat.append('text', JSON.stringify({"imagedate":}));
            return d.promise;

        addFormData().then(function(dataform) {
            $http({method: 'POST', url: 'connector for portal service goes here', data: dataform, headers: {'Authorization': (auth header defined elsewhere), 'Content-Type': undefined}, transformRequest: angular.identity}).then(function(result) {
                //database logic
            }, function(e) {
    }, function(err) { console.log(err); });

Functionally, this code works. The issue I am having is that images which are 1.3 MB on a device are sometimes resulting in post requests of over 8 megabytes. The server cannot accept post requests that large and the portal-side update fails.

I have seen topics like this one for PhoneGap which had the same problem, but the accepted solution is already integrated into my code and it persists. I am stumped. Does anyone know why this might be happening?

I have had the same problem. Changing the destinationType from FILE_URI to NATIVE_URI fixed the issue for me. The file size did not increased and the file name was also correct.