Cordova Camera Plugin


I’m using ngCordova, the camera plugin, here’s a sample of my code.
$scope.takeImg = function() {
var options = {
quality: 100,
destinationType: Camera.DestinationType.NATIVE_URI,
sourceType: Camera.PictureSourceType.CAMERA,
allowEdit: false,
encodingType: Camera.EncodingType.JPEG,
popoverOptions: CameraPopoverOptions,
saveToPhotoAlbum: true,

$cordovaCamera.getPicture(options).then(function(imageData) {
}, function(err) {
  // An error occured. Show a message to the user


This takes an image and saves it to the gallery on android, not tested on iOS.

However, no date or geolocation data is saved so all images are in the gallery as being taken in 1970.

Any ideas? Should I save the file in the success function rather than letting it be created automatically.


Just wondering what version of the plugin are you using as I have found that I cant event save to the Gallery. I have managed to save file on the SD card but really want it to appear in the users gallery.

Posted my issue on stack overflow

Tried changing my settings to NATIVE_URI etc as your example but no Joy.

I will also have the need to record EXIF data with the images so hope someone can answer your post.


Noticed bug logged here for exif data