Cordava and @awesome-cordova-plugins version

Hello everyone and good morning
I’m working on an Ionic application with Angular and Cordova. How can I know which version of the @awesome-cordova-plugins/PluginName plugins is compatible with the version of Cordova I am using? In my case I use version 11 of Cordova, in the plugins I do not see a peer depenecy. If I wanted to migrate to Cordova 12, I’m not sure which version I should use as a minimum, for example.

Thank you very much for the help

@awesome-cordova-plugins are just typescript wrappers around Cordova plugins, always use latest version available. It doesn’t matter which Cordova version you use.

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Thanks you so much Julio, If I understood you, Can I use for example the last version of @awesome-cordova-plugins with Cordova 10? There are not braking changes for it?

Yes, you can use any @awesome-cordova-plugins version with any Cordova version, Cordova doesn’t care about your framework or packages.

What can have problems with @awesome-cordova-plugins is your angular version.

Thank you, Julio. I understand.

I am working with an application using Ionic 5 with Angular 10.2, Cordova 11, and @ionic-native plugins version 5.36.0 (the package changed to @awesome-cordova-plugin in version 5.36.1). I want to upgrade to Ionic 7 with Angular 17 and Cordova 11, and then try to migrate some Cordova plugins to Capacitor.

The latest version of @awesome-cordova-plugin is 6.8.0, and it uses Angular 12. I hope that doesn’t matter.