Cookies headers with proxy on Ionic 3

I’m trying to authenticate in a website but I can’t read the Cookie from the response of my request.

I’m using Ionic 3 with a proxy to bypass CORS (adding it to ionic.config.json).

I’m using HttpClient from angular to make the request."/user.php", formData, {responseType: "text", withCredentials: true}).subscribe((login)=>{"/user.php?method=getUserData&input=3", {}, { withCredentials: true}).subscribe((userData)=>{

I’m using withCredentials: true and the second request doesn’t use the cookie that the first request generates.

Is there any way to use that cookie?

If I use it in a android Device without proxy and with the full api url it works and it doesn’t work if I copy www folder to an apache server, it says 404 not found (proxy url) and with the full url I have the CORS problem.

Anyone knows how to fix that??

Thank you in advanced.