Cookie-based Authentication for Ionic 2 / Angular 2

For Ionic 1, we are following this very useful tutorial

However seems that no longer works in angular 2

Can anyone suggest if there’s any similar tutorial for ionic 2 / angular 2 ?

I can see this in stackoverflow, however no idea how to intergrate into ionic 2

Thank you.

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@iamsamhk any updates you found working with cookie based authentication or any online resources ?


Any updates on this matter? Someone here was able to make cookie-based authentication using Ionic 2?

I think what you need is setting withCredentials = true on Http requests which you need to use cookies with.
this link might also help.

In Ionic 1 this was done using $httpProvider.defaults.withCredentials = true;.
If you want to append withCredentials = true to every request in Ionic 2 app - you could create an Http interceptor using this plugin and create such a class:

 * Appends the auth cookie to all Http requests

import { Interceptor, InterceptedRequest, InterceptedResponse } from 'ng2-interceptors';
import { Injectable } from "@angular/core";

export class CookieAppender implements Interceptor {
  public interceptBefore(request: InterceptedRequest): InterceptedRequest {
    request.options.withCredentials = true;
    return request;

  public interceptAfter(response: InterceptedResponse): InterceptedResponse {return response}

Hope this helps someone.

this doesn’t work on ios … the cookie doesn’t persist once you kill the app. does anyone what is the solution