Convert Ionic 1 Applications to Ionic 2

I’ve just put up a new tutorial on how to convert an existing Ionic 1 application into an Ionic 2 application:

The tutorial uses an old Parse authentication tutorial I did for Ionic 1, and recreates it for Ionic 2.


nice blog.

no stunning ads or useless stuff… straight to the point and full with content and no crap --> :thumbsup:

you can contact me, if you need some german support --> translation of tutorials or something like that.

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Excuse me, but the last version that is indicated in ionic official website is 1.1 , so what is ionic 2?

Ionic 2 is in alpha as Angular 2 is still in alpha. You can find the docs for Ionic v2 . There are a few youtube videos on the Ionic blog explaining the new changes coming.

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Hello bengtler nice one. I have a ionic 1 mobile app files that i want to convert to ionic 2 would you be able to offer a helping hand?


Hi Mary, I’m not sure if you noticed or not but this discussion that you joined is 2 years old.

A lot has changed in the last two years so the blog post about converting to ionic 2 might be largely outdated at this point…

That being said, there’s a great community on this forum that can help with any specific questions that you have.

Hi thanks for your reply. Sorry i didnt notice it. So what you are suggesting is it can be done or it cannot be?

I’m sure that you can re-use a lot of your ionic 1 code in a new ionic 2 project, but it will likely be time consuming.

If you aren’t having performance or stability issues in your ionic 1 app and don’t need access to new APIs, I would recommend keeping your app in ionic 1 for now.

If you have a specific reason that you want to upgrade, feel free to share that reason and someone from the community can probably weigh in on whether or not it makes sense for your specific use case. We don’t have enough information to give an accurate answer since we don’t know what plugins your app uses, how complicated the codebase is, and how many users that you have and also your app profitability (which would affect whether or not you should dedicate resources to an upgrade).

Mary - I too am about to upgrade from Ionic v1 to v2 - maybe we can be a resource for each other. I am petrified of everything that is going to break…and how long its going to take me to fix it.

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Hi there
Many thanks for touching base with me. Sorry i overlooked this email as i am pretty good with my emails. Just checked it out while going through my emails. Thats a wonderful idea can you please add me on skype maybe or else just email me by i prefer skype coz i am always on skype.

Just out of curiousity why arr you upgrading it? The last person i messaged on ionic forum asked me that and when i said i wanna upgrade ot to a new and better code which i assumed ionic 2 would be. To my surprise he said thats not the case. If you are upgrading it to ionic to you must have something you want to acheive which is othewise not possible without an upgrade to ionic 2. That would be a good enough reason but if you just want to upgrade for the sake of a newer version its purely silly. So i dunno i just didnt bother because that was the reason i wanted to upgrade thinking it would be an upgrade to the code but surely he thought otherwisr.