Controlling a nested Slidebox

I have a slidebox in one controller, and am trying to nest it in another controller (don’t ask) - but was hoping I could control the sliders manually and trigger their behavior such that when the nested slide reached the end then the rest of the parent slide would continue.

In the following sample, you can see a quick experiment. I’m struggling because when I tell the slide to be enabled or not it does not appear to correctly disable/enable them.

Any thoughts?

apparently the version I’m using locally doesn’t have this message - but just found the one used in my codepen with this comment.

Delegate for handle "innerSlideBox" could not find a corresponding element with delegate-handle="innerSlideBox"! enableSlide() was not called!
Possible cause: If you are calling enableSlide() immediately, and your element with delegate-handle="innerSlideBox" is a child of your controller, then your element may not be compiled yet. Put a $timeout around your call to enableSlide() and try again.

When I put a timeout in there it’s working as expected - now I can keep on trucking.

Ok, while I got my initial question figured out - I’m looking to restructure the app/data to better support what I need - but if anyone has a thought how I could get my initial thought of a nested slidebox to work out (basically flattening it into one big long slidebox that would be cool - at this time I’m thinking I’ll tackle it differently