Controller not working after testing something else

Hello people,

I encountered another problem in my code. I was experimenting with controllers (adding them in the ion-content Tag or in the .state() methode of $stateProvider). Since it didnt work in the .state() I wanted to change it back but something went wrong and the map does not get shown anymore. I spent a few hours searching for the problem but I couldnt find a solution.

I guess it is a problem with the controller and how I added it but I am not sure about that.

I would really appreciate your help !

Here is the Codepen to my code: (The CSS field contains my app.js - I just didnt know how to add two js files else)

Secondary Question: Does my console.log() functions in controllers.js get put out in my terminal when i run ionic serve --lab -c or do I have to add a plugin for that ?

Thanks in advance !

Best greetings, Jule