Controller invoked every time for parameterized state?

I know that ionic caches views by default, thus controllers are called only once, but seems it’s an exception when it comes to state whose url contains parameters?
My code is like this where notes.html is a note list and note.html is a detail view:

.state('notes', {
	url: '/notes',
	templateUrl: 'templates/notes.html',
	controller: 'NotesCtrl'
.state('note', {
	url: '/note/:id',
	templateUrl: 'templates/note.html',
	controller: 'NoteCtrl'

I set breakpoints both in NotesCtrl and NoteCtrl and navigate back and forth between the note list and the detail view. The breakpoint in NotesCtrl is hit only once, while the one in NoteCtrl is hit every time I enter the detail view, even I’m entering a visited note.
Is it like that?