Context menu event listener

How to listen “oncreatecontextmenu” event, then
stop context menu opening and call javascript function?
i want to replace default webview context menu with jquery context menu or similar on android.

this month,i write 2 question on this forum,there is no answer,help,suggestion and any talk about my problems!
this forum created really for support !?

May I remind you, this is a community forum. Most of the people who do post help of here are NOT paid by Drifty… they are volunteers taking time out of their day to assist other people.

Anyways, take a look at these pages: (Took a simple Google search to find them)

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At the end of my question, it is clear that I am talking about Android.
I am a Firefox plugin developer and am familiar with JavaScript.
onContextMenu” event,not exist on android browser.