Content that has allows scrolling AND has google maps - is this possible?

Hi, I have a partial that renders Google Maps in a div. This works perfectly if i set the content to have scroll=false but doesn’t display when i set scroll=true.
Id like scrolling enabled so that the content under the map can be seen on smaller screens.
Is this possible?

Hey @georgik, I’m not qutie sure what you mean. Do you have a screenshot or demo we can see?


Sure, take the Ionic map example:

<content has-header="true" has-footer="true" scroll="false">
  <div id="map"></div>

If you set scroll=“true” above then it won’t work. But i have a map on a partial that has quite a bit of content below it that spills off the screen for smaller devices, so id like to be able to scroll. Is this possible?