Content of ion-footer-bar shows up at the place of ion-nav-bar, whenever a screen slide animation is in progress


we are experiencing a buggy bars behaviour whenever the screen (state of angular app) is being switched.
An example app is provided at CodePen:

In our app we have both the ion-nav-bar (at top), and the ion-footer-bar displayed.
Whenever the user progresses one screen further, a sliding animation (left-right) occurs.
Throughout the animation, all the content of the bottom bar appears at the place of the top bar.

In this example app, the bottom bar appears on top only in the process of backwards navigation, but in our real app the bottom bar appears on top on both forward and backward navigation.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. click “CLICK ME” to progress one screen further.
  2. click backwards. The bottom bar will be visible on top for a short while.
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