'content' attribute in Ionic 2 'getting started' tutorial

Can someone please enlighten me regarding the content attribute in app.html from the Ionic 2 Getting Started tutorial?
More particularly, I am confused as to what the content attribute in app.html’s ion-menu points to. The NavController creates a local variable content and ion-menu is referring to this by creating a content attribute and setting the attribute’s expression to content.
But what is the content attribute set to? Does it relate to the ion-content sections in the html pages?

Ok, this is what I’ve worked out so far (please tell me if I’m not making sense):
In app.html, IonNav creates a local variable, #content, so that others can access it. IonMenu is setting an attribute to this local variable so it has access to IonNav, and consequently the navigation mechanism so it can update the menu accordingly.
I assume this is happening in the background as nothing else seems to be using IonMenu’s ‘content’ attribute?

As far as i understand that variable refers to the content inside the nav component, so that when you open the menu it knows what parts of the content it has to animate, for example in ios if you open the menu, the default is that the content of the page just moves to the side, while in android it just put a dark overlay and the menu jumps over the content without moving the content.

Basically #content is a reference to the ion-nav component, that reference is passed to the ion-menu which needs that reference to animate it accordingly to the platform when opening the menu.

Thanks Luchillo, This seems to be along the lines that I was thinking. So the variable is used to link the nav component to the menu…