Content above tabs

I want to build a tabbed-view but display a fixed content above the tabs always. I have done a small mockup indicating what I want to achieve:

I tried this but it didn’t work as expected:

<ion-view view-title="Profile">


        <div class="my-fixed-header">
            <img src="my-profile-img.png">
            <span class="my-email"></span>


            <ion-tab title="Info" ui-sref="">
                <ion-nav-view name="group-info"></ion-nav-view>

            <ion-tab title="Activities" ui-sref="">
                <ion-nav-view name="group-activities"></ion-nav-view>




Besides the documentation says not to use <ion-tabs> inside <ion-content> because of some css issues.

So how can I get what I want?

Thanks a lot.

Does no one have an idea?

You could do something like this.

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Thanks a lot for your help.