Connecting to Twilio rest API

I’m creating an app that will send SMS to a certain group and I’m having a hard time authenticating with Twilio rest API. Can someone give me some help?

I do have the code working using a server side code, that will make the http call to the twilio API, but I would like to make the call from the app, since there is no need to call my server and later call the twiliio API.

I do have my $ to the rest api, but I’m having issue doing the Basic Authentication. I keep getting user not authorized from the app when I try to connect to the twilio API. If I go to my server it works fine.


Hi, you can use the angular twilio wrapper below:

Just keep in mind that your login credentials will be readable.

Hope this helps

Thank you. That helped. :slight_smile:

there is any way to work with the new ionic v2? thanks