Connecting to a Bluetooth module from an Android tablet using Ionic ReactJS

Hi all,
I am brand new to this community and this sort of development and was hoping someone can help me get started:

I am trying to make an Ionic/ ReactJS application via capacitor to run on an android tablet. I have an HC-06 bluetooth module HC 06 Bluetooth module pinout, features & datasheet and I am trying to get my app to connect and talk to it. I have tried multiple packages such as web-bluetooth and @capacitor-community/bluetooth-le and have been unsuccessful in even getting the bluetooth module to show up in the list of devices on my browser. My module uses Bluetooth 2.0 and I saw web-bluetooth requires Bluetooth 4.0 or later and it seems like bluetooth-le does as well so I assume that is why it is not showing. Does anyone have any resources or know of any reliable packages I can use in order to connect to my module?

Hi !

If I am not mistaken, I think your issue comes from the fact that the HC-06 module do not/cannot communicate through Low Energy Bluetooth. I also have a HC-06 module I want to connect and talk to.

I’ve found the Bluetooth Serial Plugin which seems to be the only plugin able to communicate with our module as it enables “serial communication over Bluetooth”.

Sadly, there’s a catch. This plugin has not been updated since 2018 (+5 years) and I honestly cannot tell if it would be smart to use it.

Have you, by any chance, been more lucky and found a solution to your problem ?

Thanks in advance for any help !