Connect cordovaFileTransfer with upload-cordova.js(vimeo-upload)

I want to use an upload to Vimeo javascript file that are modified for use with Cordova. The script file can be found at:
Line: 144 in the upload-cordova.js file, states that this MediaUploader function contains a modification to the ngCordova plugin: cordovaFileTransfer ( ).

The upload-cordova.js file is included with my app in the index.html:

<!-- Upload to Vimeo-script -->
<script src="js/upload-cordova.js" onload="javascript:window.isCordovaApp = true;"></script>

The $cordovaFileTransfer.upload(server*, filePath*, options*) takes parameters*, but how does I set it up to use the upload-cordova.js and call its MediaUploader function? In my app I will use a button with ng-click="uploadVideo()" to start the $cordovaFileTransfer.upload(). I need an advice on how to connect cordovaFileTransfer and MediaUploader(upload-cordova.js) so that the functions in upload-cordova.js will take over the uploading to Vimeo job as it is intended to.

Hi Jomen, did you find the solution?