Conflict images into collection-repeat


I’m using collection-repeat instead of ng-repeat. I have an img tag into my repeat. It works fine in ng-repeat. But when I change my code to collection-repeat, images go to the wrong position untill the true one is being loaded.

For example, we have 10 items. When I scroll down, the first one’s image is loading in 5th one. When the fifth item is loaded, then photo going to change and then shows the true one.

Any idea?


Can you visualize that a bit by providing a screenshot and your code for the list?


It was a bit difficult to take screenshot, but anyway, I solved this by showing thumbnail image. That loads very fast and this problem almost is solved.

collection-repeat solved my performance issue. Now I can switch between the tabs when I have a lot of data. (It’s was very slow while I was using ng-repeat)

The main problem is here: collection-repeat changes the ionic default scroll system (I’m not sure, disables or enables nativescroll). In this case scrolling is very laggy.

Thanks for your attention.