Conditionally disable cache for a specific view?

Is there a way to conditionally disable caching for a view?

For example, I have View A that contains a large list of items, and a “settings” button on the header which will take me to view B.

On View B, if a user clicks “cancel” I want to go back to the cached View A, otherwise if they click “save” I want to reload View A (settings on View B can affect content on View A)

Is there a way I can conditionally use the cached View A, or reload View A again?



I was able to accomplish this by adding $ionicHistory.clearCache(); to my “save” function, but this clears ALL cache.

Is there a way to clear only a specific view? I should add that from View B, I can go to other views as well, so its not always going to be A -> B -> A. It could be A -> B - > C -> A