Components Slider



I’m trying to do a slider that will contain pages.

Right now the slider looks like this:

        Html content

I’m trying to make something like this:


MyPage is:

import { Component } from '@angular/core';

  selector: 'my-page',
  templateUrl: 'my-page.html'
export class MyPage {
  constructor() {}

Is there any way to do something like that?


Have you tried it already?
Using a component in an ion-slide shoudn’t be a problem


I havent tried it yet, I don’t know how the syntax should be.
Putting <MyPage> inside the slide was just an example of what I want to accomplish.


Start with $ ionic g component myComponent

This will generate all the necessary files and links in your project.
After that <myComponent></myComponent> will work in your ion-slides.


Whoa, I never though it would be that intuitive.
Thanks for your help!


I have another little issue with ion-slides.

Here is my Stackoverflow.

Sadly no replies, maybe you have an clue… :slight_smile: