Complaints that sub-header is missing on android

Everything looks good in the browser, on ios and on my android device but today I got a screenshot from a user that was missing the bar-subheader. The space was there but not the content. Here’s the html. Any thoughts? Maybe the row?

<div class="bar bar-subheader row">
         <div class="day-filter col today"><a href="#/app/show?date_filter=today">Today</a></div>
         <div class="day-filter col tomorrow"><a href="#/app/show?date_filter=tomorrow">Tomorrow</a></div>
         <div class="day-filter col month"><a href="#/app/show?date_filter=month">Upcoming</a></div>

Don’t think it would be the row, since that just handles the display.

Maybe try switch to

removing the row/col fixed the issue. Not sure if it’s a bug or something else is broken with my code.