compileDebugJavaWithJavac Error with capacitor community google maps plugin

Hello guys,

I get this error when i try to build my app.

E:\laragon\www\ProjekatA\frontend\node_modules\@capacitor-community\capacitor-googlemaps-native\android\src\main\java\com\hemangkumar\capacitorgooglemaps\ error: cannot find symbol [capacitor] if (viewToRemove != null){ [capacitor] ^ [capacitor] symbol: variable viewToRemove [capacitor] Note: E:\laragon\www\ProjekatA\frontend\node_modules\@capacitor-community\capacitor-googlemaps-native\android\src\main\java\com\hemangkumar\capacitorgooglemaps\ uses or overrides a deprecated API.
  • What went wrong:
    [capacitor] Execution failed for task ‘:capacitor-community-capacitor-googlemaps-native:compileDebugJavaWithJavac’.

I just cant figure out why, few hours ago it worked. I only uninstalled local notifications

It seems I updated to plugin v1.1.3 , downgrading to v1.1.0 doesn’t give me this error and build is fine.