Collection-repeat inside a custom directive...problems?

Hi there! This is my first post, and of course, it’s because i’m having some troubles :sweat:
I tried to reproduce the problem that I have in a small codepen and this is what it came:


If I run that codepen in my Chrome browser (51.0.2704.103) it displays what I want: A list of cards generated by a custom directive.
But if I run that same codepen on IE browser (11.0.9600.18350) it displays nothing!!!

If I start a project based on that codepen:
ionic start test
and then
ionic serve --lab

  • On IE I got both platforms empties!
  • On Chrome I got something on both platforms:
    iOS -> it works as I want :smiley:
    Android -> it displays some cards but it doesnt scroll!!

Also, if I run it on a real device:
ionic platform add android
ionic run android
I got an empty white screen…

The problem is that I need that code working on Android but it doesnt :frowning2:

Any ideas??