Collection-repeat delete Button

Hello there,

I switched ng-repeat with collection-repeat on my ion-list and after that show-delete isn’t working properly anymore. The Delete Buttons don’t slide in. Where is the problem ?

Can you post a demo of this? A codepen or plunker? Bit difficult to solve this with out it

                <ion-list class="list-item" show-delete="showDelete" class="list-item">

                <ion-item class="item my-item" href="#/detail/{{}}" item="item"
                     on-delete="onItemDelete($parent.$index, $index)" can-delete="true"
                     collection-repeat="item in model.listArray"
                     collection-item-height="getItemHeight(item, $index)"
                     ng-style="{height: getItemHeight(item, $index)}">

                    {{item.from}} - {{}} <span> {{ view.projectTitleListMap[item.projectID] }}</span>

I’m toggling the “showDelete” with a click on a button… after that click the red delete buttons slide in for every list-item… it does work with ng-repeat but not with collection-repeat.

Did you find a solution?, I’m encountering the same issue.

Nope, sorry. I think its beta :wink:

Mike below is your codepen which you can use to see the problem.

I have also added this in the original issue you created.