Collection-repeat and items with variable heights


Hi, all. I’m using collection-repeat for a long list. As I see in documentation, we have to use collection-item-height to determinate the items height. My problem comes when I need that this heights be variable, so an item can be 100px height and other 80px depending on the content.

Can I configure the items to get this variable heights?

Thank you all.


Right now, this is not possible. For now collection repeat needs an explicit height to be set


I store the item’s height in my database, does it work if I return the height in my $scope.getItemHeight function?

I tried it, and doesn’t seems to be working, all the heights still fixed, dose it mean one height has been used for all items?


It only works if collection-item-width="‘100%’", not with grid collection-item-width="‘50%’", correct?