"col-n" attribute grid system not working at all

I am unable to create columns that span ‘n’ number of columns with the ‘col-n’ attribute. Not even the example provided in the guides. This would display 2 rows with 3 columns, all the same size:
<ion-grid> <ion-row> <ion-col> 1 of 3 </ion-col> <ion-col col-8> 2 of 3 (wider) </ion-col> <ion-col> 3 of 3 </ion-col> </ion-row> <ion-row> <ion-col> 1 of 3 </ion-col> <ion-col col-6> 2 of 3 (wider) </ion-col> <ion-col> 3 of 3 </ion-col> </ion-row> </ion-grid>

Ionic version: 2.2.1