Coding With Ionic & Angular Using iPAD Only (No Desktop)

Looking for some advice on the best workflow and toolset for coding with Ionic/Angular via iPAD only. In other words, I won’t have physical access to a desktop at all, but obviously need the functionality of the CLI for standardization etc.

I have general coding experience in multiple languages (PHP, JS, HTML, SQL, etc) but am new to both Ionic and Angular. I’m looking to develop PWAs and perhaps some native mobile apps.

But again, I won’t have a physical MAC at my disposal and assume I’ll have to set/use something in the cloud to have the functionality of the CLI for both Angular and Ionic structuring, packaging, etc. of the app. (I already have my GitHub repository connected to my Ionic AppFlow account.)

Can anyone help me get over the hump on this?

Thanks in advance,


How does stackblitz work for you?

At least you have the editing part - then you need a way to bring it to your github repo.

If this setup will work setting up a flow for native features I don’t know, but maybe with Testflight or so?

Thanks for the suggestion to use StackBlitz. I ran across this solution not long after submitting this question. You are correct: I think it addresses the editing issue. StackBlitz also allows you to connect directly to a GitHub repo and do pull/push requests from within StackBlitz.

I’m a little uncertain however, on how to properly use the console in StackBlitz.

Plse explain? What part?