Coding a Star Printer to work with our app

I am not a coder or developer, but MY developer tells me i need to contact STAR MICRONICS to ask them if
my Star SM - L200 Bluetooth 4.0 is workable with Ionic framework.

as i said, im not a coder, but SDK for such a reputable company like STAR is there ready to use. What more do one need?

Can someone tell me if this is sufficient?

i wanted this programmed to work 3 days ago… so i am kind of desperate since STAR has terrible customer service.

Hard to say.

I see no Cordova plugin, which a Ionic app could use to talk to the printer.
So maybe the developer would have to build that themselves, which can be quite a lot of work.
Do you need iOS and Android?
Are there other Star Micronics printers supported by Ionic/Cordova?

I need Android for starters.

Do you (or anybody) know of any printer supported for Ionic/Cordova ?

No experience, but looking at the plugin here:
All of them that can be used from a mobile device I guess.

Weird. So you are telling me most printers can be integrated with my app?

All recently modern (consumer) printers that can be used with normal iOS and Android apps, yes.