Code snippets for accordians help for newbie


I am new to ionic Creator and need to replicate what I have previously made using Jquery mobile in a drag and drop app. No meaningful experience with js and a little with html and css.
I found this code and would like to understand how to incorporate it (and other examples like it) into my app as I need to make extensive use of accordians and it looks like a good starting point. My app will be native, and is intended for use where there is no internet connection. I have:
made a new html page and pasted in the html
created a new js file called own.js and pasted the js
In Theming | scss I have addeed the css text.
I cannot find how/where to reference the js file (I have added it to the Angular modules as app.own).
My changed files will not save but give no error.
Can someone direct me to a help file that might address some of my difficulties?


implemented example in code pen or for detailed information


Thanks you very much - that is exactly what I want but I am too much of a newbie to understand how to implement it, even though the instructions are comprehensive. Its clear I need a better grounding before delving into code. Thanks for your time