Code produced after rendering an ionic-item-sliding seems weired

I have the following plunker

plunker with ion-item-sliding

I would like to ask why all this dom code , shown in the screenshot below, is produced?image

I don’t have any inputs, but a div with an input-wrapper class is generated.
More over, everything in the item gets inside an ion-label.

Is it a wrong use from my side that is causing it, or this is how it happens by design?


Nope you haven’t done anything wrong. This is how the markup is rendered out.

ion-item has a pretty complex template,

Thanks for the answer.
Is there a way to use my template in ionic elements?

Only if you were to create your own component and extend the ion-item, but I wouldn’t really suggest that

Since you don’s suggest using my own component, what solution you suggest to the following use case?
In an ion-item I want to use an image after the item’s label and before an input
I have made a plunker that demonstrates the case and the problem I face (the image is not rendering):

Image in an ion-item plunker